About Q-rev

Q-Rev is a scientific recruitment company that has been built around skills and knowledge gained since 2022. We are a scientifically curious and dedicated team which strives to be the most trustworthy in the business. We are passionate about finding the best scientific talent and have a loyal and amiable approach to each and every recruitment project, be that for clients or candidates. We understand the importance of understanding all our clients’ and candidates' needs and incorporate them in all stages to provide the best service. We specialise in global recruitment and our team is always up to date with the latest developments in the field.

Q-Rev's founder, Miles Gentle, found his scientific calling later in life, after a chance encounter at a music festival. Quantum technologies are the thing that really fuelled the curiosity which had been dormant since high school. After learning his trade with other firms, he decided to do it his way...

Q-Rev is the result. Speak to us to see the difference for yourself.